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The New Phrasing Module


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We are excited to present to you the new Phrasing module on Biblearc.

Phrasing is a flexible and easy-to-use Bible study tool that allows you to visually break up a passage and indicate subordination via indentation. It also gives you a wide array of mark-up features from arrows to relationship comments to the all new Dot Notes. The goal of it all: to help you follow the author’s thinking for a deep understanding of the text.


“I love phrasing, so I’m excited about this new Biblearc feature because it allows you to intuitively show logical relationships.”

Dr. Andy Naselli

“With the phrasing module we can actually visualize a hierarchy of parts of [biblical] texts and understand, then, where the main thrust of the passage is.”

Dr. Jason DeRouchie

“This would be ideal for any pastor preparing a sermon; it would also be really useful for a Bible study leader or a Sunday school teacher, or an interested Christian wanting to go deeper in his or her personal study of God’s Word.”

Dr. Brian Tabb

Check out the new Phrasing module on Biblearc
(You will also find there an array of instructional resources.)

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