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Learning Resources Take-Away for the week of Aug 3rd, 2015:

What was important to Paul personally as he soberly approached the end of his earthly life?

Do your best to come to me soon.  2 Timothy 4:9


What is the Learning Resources Take-Away?
Every Monday we will upload a new video with the main point take-away message from that week’s Learning Resources.

What are “Learning Resources?”
Learning Resources is an add-on to the Biblearc Subscription. This add-on provides practical helps for those seeking to learn the Bible study methods available on Biblearc. Subscribers will receive a fresh, ten-minute Arcing, Bracketing, Phrasing or Diagramming example video each week. In addition, the Learning Resources add-on gives you access to all the example videos archives, and personal feedback on one of your modules each month.

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