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Online Course: The Theology of Biblical Poetry

Feb 17th – Mar 23rd

This course guides you through the study of Biblical Poetry. We will consider the figurative elements and forms of speech, along with the flow and structure of the text, to unlock treasures in God’s word—one proposition at a time. The most quoted psalms have been chosen for the focus of this course and will be examined via interactive lectures, organized group discussions and thoughtful feedback on assignments.


Standard enrollment $149 ($139 with early enrollment)
One-on-one enrollment $249 ($239 with early enrollment)

Interactive lectures This course includes five interactive, 1.5-hour lectures, in addition to an introductory lecture the first week. You may watch these lectures live, or at your convenience. A different discussion group will be invited to participate in the lectures each week via online video chat. Live lecture recording times will be scheduled in coordination with the groups the first week of the course and then announced to all students.

Discussion groups An integral part of this course will be the 3-5 person discussion groups. Each student will choose a discussion group time from the options below and then meet with their group each week via video chat. Students will use this time to work through the primary assignment for the week, as well as to sharpen and challenge one another as they wrestle through the text. Both standard and one-on-one enrollment include the discussion group.

Group time options Sun 8pm | Mon 8am | Thurs Noon | Thurs 7pm
(All times in CDT. Click to view them in your local time.)

Assignments This course includes six primary assignments which will be promptly corrected by the instructor and returned each week. In addition, students are invited to complete six optional assignments. The optional assignments will not be corrected, but will be covered in each week’s lecture.

Course length This is a 6-week course.

Prerequisites Completion of Introduction to Arcing, Introduction to Bracketing or Arcing 101.

One-on-one enrollment One-on-one enrollment allows you to benefit from a half hour of one-on-one time with the instructor each week, in addition to the standard provisions of the course.

hubertInstructors  Andy Hubert is the creator of Biblearc. Andy holds a Masters of Pastoral and Biblical Studies from Bethlehem College and Seminary. Assisting will be Josué Pineda, who has worked as a pastor and church planter in Honduras, was the Director for Honduras of Precept International Ministries, and has spearheaded Biblearc’s Arcing courses in Spanish.

Work load Between the lectures (1.5 hrs/wk), group time (1-2 hr/wk) and assignments (4-5 hrs/wk), participants should expect to spend approximately 8 hours per week on this course.

Grading This course uses a 100 point grading system for all assignments. Students who complete this course with a display of proficiency in Arcing will receive an indication of this on their Biblearc account. This will allow people searching shared work the ability to find the arcs and brackets of those users who have had training in these methods. (still in development)

Google Hangouts This course uses Google’s “Hangouts on Air” to facilitate the live lectures, and ordinary Google Hangouts to facilitate discussion groups. All participants will be required to register for a free Google+ account if they do not already have one. (We will provide you information on how to do so.)

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  1. Byron Allan
    June 9, 2015 at 4:58 PM

    Do the advanced courses require knowledge of the original languages?

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