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New Online, Interactive Courses in Arcing and Bracketing

Have you tried to learn arcing or bracketing, but struggled to figure it out by yourself? If so, we have very exciting news for you.

Announcing month-long intensive Biblearc courses. These courses are online so that anyone can participate and go way beyond your typical online class in three big ways:

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  1. The weekly lectures will be presented live via Google’s Hangouts on Air so that you can ask questions during the lessons.
  2. Participants will receive thoughtful feedback on assignments, twice/week.
  3. Organized weekly Google Hangout group time so that students can help one another learn.

By including these elements, we hope to create a more interactive experience than typical online learning has to offer. And if you want even more, we give you the option to sit in the front of the class and get personal time with the instructor each week via One-on-One enrollment.

Would you like to learn arcing or bracketing with your church Bible study? Group enrollment is also available at a discounted price and has the big advantages of accountability and studying with your friends.

The first round of courses will run through the month of June and include Arcing level 1 and Bracketing level 1 on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings respectively.  Enroll or get more details.

We hope you join us!

Arcing snippet

Bracketing snippet


8 comments for “New Online, Interactive Courses in Arcing and Bracketing

  1. Mark Wooten
    May 7, 2014 at 4:45 PM

    Can you please explain the difference between arcing and bracketing? Thanks!

  2. Jeff de Ruyter
    May 8, 2014 at 10:18 AM

    If we cannot make it during the class, will a recording be available?

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