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My Credentials in One Word (Romans 1:1-7)

What are your credentials? What qualifies you for the position you hold, the rank you have achieved, or the work you do?

The introductory paragraphs of the book of Romans, as is typical for Paul’s writings, are full of content. He writes about his identity in Christ, about the recipients and about God, and he writes about these things even more than he does in the introductions to his other letters. In this particular case, he also includes detailed information about the gospel.

What are your credentials?

Paul introduces himself as a slave belonging to the Messiah. If we were to focus on just this portion we would already have much to say, but for now let me simply point to the fact that introducing himself in this way automatically introduces Jesus as his Lord. Paul also presents himself as one who was called to be an apostle. He did not decide to be an apostle, nor a part of the delegation that Jesus chose, nor to volunteer to be sent on behalf of the Messiah. He was rescued, while being a rebel against the kingdom. He was set apart. He was taken from the inner side of the gates of Hades and brought to the kingdom of Jesus’ marvelous light, to officially announce the praises of Him who rescued him.

So what are Paul’s credentials? As he introduces himself to the Romans, we see that all of his credentials are connected to Jesus; His identity and His work. Paul’s credentials can be summed up in one word: Jesus.

What about you? Who are you in Christ? What are your credentials?

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