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Intro to Arcing in English and Spanish and Announcing a New Course

classCurrently Open for Enrollment

Nov 3rd – Dec 4th

This course lays out the foundational concepts and structures necessary to begin using the Arcing Bible study method.

Day and time options for those interested in discussion enrollment (all times in CDT):
Mon 8pm | Wed 9am | Sun 7am

Course details | Enrollment page

Nov 3rd – Dec 4th

Para obtener información sobre el curso en español, hace clíck en Introducción al Arcing.

Biblearc is excited to offer the Introduction to Arcing course in Spanish!

Course details |  Enrollment page

Bible Study GlobalThe Spanish Introduction to Arcing course is a part of the Biblearc Global initiative to enable and encourage deep study of the Word in parts of the world where theological and financial resources are scarce. The course will be taught by Josué Pineda, a pastor and skilled arcer from Honduras. Spanish speakers living in the non-Western world have the opportunity to take this course for free.

Promotional video 


Coming soon… “The Main Point of Bible Sermons”

The Main Point of Bible Sermons is an advanced arcing/bracketing course. We will be working through Biblical sermons found in the Gospels and in the book of Acts with the dual purposes of increasing our understanding of these sections of scripture and strengthening our arcing/bracketing skills.

This course will be offered in the beginning of January with enrollment opening early December.


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