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Epaphroditus Fund

Epaphroditus Fund

As we move toward the completion of our third round of Introducción al Arcing (Introduction to Arcing course in Spanish), we are preparing the very first Advanced course for Spanish-speaking students. We have called this course El Flujo de Pensamiento de las Oraciones de la Biblia (The Flow of Thought of Biblical Prayers), and aim to not only teach the students how to advance their Arcing skills, but also challenge them into a life of prayer according to principles of Scripture.

Paul was well supplied as the result of the fragrant offering given by the Philippians through Epaphroditus. In order to release this course, we need joyful Philippian-like givers who are willing to supply well those in need of biblical training for their personal study, families and ministries.

We are looking for joyful Philippian-like givers who are willing to supply well those in need of biblical training.

We are hoping to have 25+ students, primarily from Latin America. While some students have the means to pay for the course, most do not as they live outside the Western world, in countries were finances are tight. Thus, to give all interested students the opportunity to participate we need to raise at least $1,250. This would provide 15 full scholarships and 5 partial scholarships, besides the $25 already subsidized from the enrollment fee.

Would you help us expand our Biblearc Global Initiative through the Epaphroditus Fund?

Give now (Check “Give a Scholarship”)

Update: Praise the Lord, $1400 has been given, which goes beyond our goal! We will joyfully put the extra toward further equipping Spanish-speakers theologically.

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