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Click. Publish. Easier.

Publishing a page on Biblearc is now easier, smoother and doesn’t require an audio nugget.

You like things streamlined. We do too. After reviewing comments and suggestions, we have made some changes to Published Pages and the result is a better publishing experience.


1. Share and publish your work from any browser or device. Now including iOS and Safari.


2. Share your work with a single click. Share one module or all relevant modules, with just one click. Remember, when you share your work, you are only giving access to particular individuals and groups. With publishing, on the other hand, you are adding your work to your public feed for all to see.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 10.01.09 AM


3. Publish in as little as two steps.


4. Personalized and beautiful. We have doubled our font and color selections so you can make your published pages look just right. Additionally, all page elements (arcs, brackets, etc.) are now styled to match your theme colors.


…and, of course, much more. Ready to try it out? Let’s publish!


* Share or publish–and see it instantly  For those of you who have only published one or two pages, you have noticed that there is a delay while your work is being approved. Now there are no more delays. After you share or publish a page, you will be able to view it right away, without waiting for it to be approved. But don’t worry, we still will be reviewing pages for abuse, and pages will need to be approved to appear on public feeds.

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