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Team of rocks
A small team.
Specializing in educational web applications.
For the glory of God.


Meet Educational Resources and Services (ERAS)

Our team is multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and spanning the globe.

Hi, I’m Andy. I created, and continue to develop the site and teach courses through it. I have degrees in Computer Science and Biblical & Pastoral studies. I bring almost 20 years of programming experience to the table with fluency in the following languages: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, SASS, Git, MooTools, jQuery, HTML5, XML, Ember, Ruby on Rails, Perl, SQL, SVN and Regex. I am an American living in Israel and I speak English and Hebrew.

Hola, I am Josué Pineda. I am a pastor and teacher living in Honduras. I am finishing a degree in Theological Studies. I do translation into Spanish for, and teach the Spanish online courses. I also work in animation, testing and quality assurance. I speak Spanish and English.

20170117_114033Hi, my name is Sarah. I work in UI/UX design. I also handle finances for ERAS, take care of most of the social media and blog activity, and work alongside Josué in animation. I bring my type A personality to bear on tasks and keep things organized. I am an American/Israeli living in Israel and I speak English, Hebrew and Spanish.

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