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30% OFF SALE — Arcing Path Course


From now through Dec 31st, get 30% off course enrollment.

  • $49 Discussion Enrollment* (down from $69)
  • $25 Feedback Enrollment** (down from $35)
  • Free Auditing Enrollment (down from…free)
* Groups starting at a variety of dates.
** Enroll now, but begin when you are ready.

The Arcing Path Course just went from good, to better. What’s new?

  • A revamped ‘What is Arcing’ video (see below) plus four other completely new videos to help you grasp the tough concepts.
  • A ‘History of Arcing’ section, for those of you who have been wondering where and how this study method was developed. 
  • Behind the scenes work refining the technology that facilitates the course.
  • And more…

How about a Resolution to Dig Deeper into God’s Word?

Studying online is convenient, but studying with others is more motivating and encouraging. Can you do both? Yes. Take the Arcing Path Course with Discussion enrollment. Benefit from the flexibility and convenience of a self-scheduled online course, and benefit from interaction with others through discussion groups.

100% of Arcing Path Course students who finished the course recommend the course to others. Here is what they are saying…

“Arcing is not so much a skill to be obtained as it is a gift of discovery that will open your heart, and then open your eyes, to deeper, life-giving meaning in God’s Word.” – David, former student

“I was amazed at how much simpler the process of summarizing a passage became once I put forth the effort of arcing. Deeply thinking through passages, plus writing out the summary, has given me a starting point for meditating over Scripture, and thus allowing it to truly change me through the work of the Holy Spirit.” – Kelly, former student

“Each lesson was fun and different. I’m glad they talked about things like the main point verses your favorite point, finding the deeper logical relations…arcing different genres…other techniques, and arcing extended passages. I also loved the prayer and the devotional at the start of each lesson. Thanks so much! I want all of my friends to arc!” – Robert, former student