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Monthly Archives: June 2014

New Biblearc Groups

There is great blessing in studying the Scriptures together. Doing so presses us to persevere as we seek deeper understanding of the Word and also provides a check on our conclusions. Thus, we want to exhort you to wrestle with the Scriptures, and to do so together.

As a help toward this end, we have recently pushed out all new group functionality that makes sharing with your friends very easy. See what you can do via the video below.

Prayer to God is to Prove Me

What is the purpose of prayer? Why ought we to ask God for things?

One answer to this question is that prayer is meant to prove me. This answer is found in John 15:7-8.

John 15:7-8

We love brackets and arcs because God uses them to open up to us doors of understanding in the Word, in which we long to abide.

Jesus has been explaining to his disciples that he is going away, and encouraging them that this is actually a very good thing for them. One reason for this is that in the new arrangement, Jesus will be teaching them from within as he and the Father make their home in the disciples (and us) via the Spirit. The second reason that Jesus’ going away is for their good is found in the fact that he is going to the Father’s side, he explains. Returning there, no longer confined by the emptying of himself in taking on humanity, the Son of God (along with the Father) will sit ready to answer our prayers with sovereign power.

With that context (i.e. chapter 14), we meet this surprising and glorious purpose for prayer. As we abide in Jesus, we may ask God to produce fruit in our lives. Why? Because this is how God the Father is glorified, by us being proven true disciples through our fruitfulness. Or to put it another way, God’s glory shines forth as we are filled with Jesus’ joy (see verse 11). And so for this we pray!

Doesn’t sound like a bad deal, does it? Perhaps this is new to you, and perhaps not. Either way, please let me encourage you to stop and pray—i.e. now—for Jesus’ joy to fill you today, to the glory of God!

Teach a Class via Biblearc

With the launch of Official Biblearc Courses a couple weeks ago, we developed extensive functionality to administer student enrollment, assignments, and so-on. Today we are pleased to announce this functionality is now available to you as well! Whether you are teaching Arcing, Bracketing, Sentence Diagramming or another subject that works intimately with the text of Scripture, cross-references, searching and/or lexicons–this new functionality is there to serve you as you teach your local class. It is easy to use, and free.

Check out what you can do via this introductory video.

We have also made the following video to introduce students to how they may participate.

Finally, if you are teaching a local class that is open to the public, please let us know and we would be happy to help you spread the word.