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Learning Resources add-on examples

Learning Resources add-onSubscribers to the Learning Resources add-on enjoy two key helps in using the graphical Bible study methods of Arcing, Bracketing, Phrasing and Diagramming.

  1. 2000+ hours of example videos. Each ~10 minute video walks you through an arc, bracket, phrase or diagram. Check out this example.

    Additionally, you will find 2 minute “take-away” videos that highlight the key insights gained from the study.

  2. Personal feedback on two of your modules each month. We will place “dots” on your work, each containing feedback notes related to that spot on your arc, bracket, phrase or diagram.

    Feedback1 Feedback2


Living a Life of Doxology

Paul ends the book of Romans in a very peculiar way–namely without a verb. “To God… Amen.” (Romans 16:25-27) What are we to make of this? What is Paul saying?

The answer, it seems, is given to us in 2 Corinthians 1:20, in which Paul declares, “For all the promises of God find their Yes in [Jesus]. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory.” After finishing the Bible’s most extensive explanation of the gospel in the 16 chapters of Romans, what could Paul possibly say to bring this letter to a close? God has promised and fulfilled. It is all Yes in Jesus and we are left speechless with its glory. There is but one word to say: “To God… Amen.”

Arc of Romans 16:25-27

May you live this Amen today.

Learning Resources, Bible Study Global and the new Biblearc Subscription

We are pleased to announce several upgrades to Biblearc. The Biblearc Subscription now includes all advanced modules, and there are two new available add-ons.

Learning Resources add-on

The Learning Resources add-on provides great practical helps for those seeking to learn the Bible study methods available on Biblearc. Subscribers with this add-on will receive a fresh Arcing, Bracketing, or Diagramming example video each week, access to all the example archives, and personal feedback on one of his/her modules each month.

The Biblearc Subscription is now completely free for those outside the Western world as part of Biblearc Global.

Bible Study Global

The Bible Study Global add-on is an easy way for users to join us in equipping the world with the excellent Bible study resources found on Biblearc. By choosing the Bible Study Global add-on, users allow us to invest more resources into translations and the promotion of Biblearc in places where scholarly Bible resources are scarce. As we kick-off this new add-on, we are happy to announce that Biblearc is now available in two new languages: Romanian and German.

Come take the new interactive tour of Biblearc to see more of what you can do.


Coming soon: Interactive, month-long intensive courses for Arcing and Bracketing on Biblearc.

Bible study for all tongues

Praise the Lord for the many websites and apps available today with endless translations of the Bible. This is a wonderful service to the worldwide Body of Christ for which we give thanks.

Yet we also see a need that remains–not just Bible reading for the world, but Bible study for all tongues. You see, if you are trying to find Bible software that goes beyond presenting the text of scripture, you will discover that there is not much to be found beyond English. It is for this reason that we are making efforts to bring the tools and resources of Biblearc to more and more languages. We have developed a translation app for Biblearc and invite multi-lingual volunteers who love Biblearc to help us bring this tool to their people.

Romanian searchAnnouncing the translation of Biblearc into two new languages: Romanian and German. The Spanish version of the site has been put to very significant use for some time and we pray that this will be true to Romanian, German and other translations we add in the future as well.


(See also Biblearc Global, our parallel pursuit of this goal in which The Biblearc Subscription is free to those outside the Western world.)

Take the (((Interactive))) Tour of Biblearc

The only thing it lacks is a voice over by James Earl Jones. Hold that exception, you are going to love Biblearc’s new interactive tour. It is brief, insightful into what Biblearc can do, and simply fun to watch. Oh yes, and it is interactive. Pause it, skip around and replay what you want to see again.

Interactive tour of BiblearcAs we make improvements to Biblearc we will update the tour and let you know, especially if we somehow manage a voice over by James Earl Jones. (In the meantime feel free to do your best impression.)

In depth Bible study for everyone

We make it our ambition to present Biblearc in such a way so as to not be below nor beyond anyone with desire to study God’s Word. We expect scholars to come to Biblearc and find powerful tools for their research, and they do. However we also strive to give every lay person a user-friendly path to deep study. Biblearc is for those who teach in seminaries and Biblearc is for those studying the bible for the first time.

The video below gives five examples of approaches to Bible study on Biblearc that require zero Bible training.
Is Biblearc right for you? The answer to this question is not a matter of how much Bible training you have or have not had. If you are coming ready to seek deep study of the scriptures, then you are right for Biblearc and we hope that Biblearc is right for you.